TangoCamp23 Marianna & Vaggelis – Workshop1 “Cross Surprises”


3 Juni, 2023

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Tango VidaMia

Wellcome to VidaMia TangoCamp with Marianna & Vaggelis 2023

Combinations with back-crossing of the Follower are very special movements and form interesting figures. Marianna & Vaggelis will dive into the technique, shape and leading of back-crosses for followers, and create exciting elements for the social dance.

Niveau: Intermediate/Advanced


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


  • Tango VidaMia
  • Am Botanischen Garten 2
  • Köln
  • ÖPNV: U-Bahn Linie 18
  • Station Zoo/Flora

Event Schedule Details

  • 3 Juni, 2023 12:00   -   13:30
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